Kid blogger!

So, a couple of weeks ago my library launched our Summer Reading program and we have been pretty much swallowed up in a storm of sign ups, giveaways, and answering questions about how to win prizes, which are the best books for X grade, etc., etc.  It’s been a blast!  (A tiring, sometimes physically draining blast, but good fun all the same.)  Among one of the kids to sign up was a boy who said something during the sign-up process that sent my little blogger antennae straight up.  

I was asking him if he had a username for our library’s website.  He said, “Yes, and it’s the same login as my wordpress blog.”


“Gaajiiiwaa?”  I believe was my response.  After which I contained my excitement long enough to ask him what he blogs about.

It turns out he’s a huge Rick Riordan fan and his blog ( is a fan blog, of sorts.  You have to check it out.  This kid has a voice.  And a dry wit that comes through in his posts about everything from spotting Percy Jackson-esque license plates, to his utter outrage at some of the casting decisions for the upcoming theatrical release of The Lightning Thief, to his recent injury at camp (he broke his….wait for it….Achilles heel.)

The only problem he mentioned was a lack of visitors.  Perhaps we can help boost his views?  😉


2 thoughts on “Kid blogger!

  1. hey hey its me, that famous kid blogger. thank you so much for writing a post about me. sad but true I do get almost no views but if you do visit please comment! id love to hear what you have to say!

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