Autism & Spectrum Storytime

Spectrum Storytime Presentation

The above links to a presentation that I gave at the New England Library Association Conference in 2009. It details my development of Spectrum Storytime, a program for children with autism and other sensory-integration disorders. The purpose of this presentation was to give librarians the tools to begin reaching out to and better serving children with autism within their libraries and communities. Since giving this presentation in 2009, I’ve adapted and updated Spectrum Storytime quite a bit. I’ll be presenting again this spring and adding my revised presentation shortly!


One thought on “Autism & Spectrum Storytime

  1. This is exciting. I teach a classroom of preschoolers with (5) Autisim and (6) children without special needs in a public intensive inclusive preschool. I wanted to due an emergent book plan with “Brown Brown Bear What Do You See?” I need to find a way to introduce the book before reading it and then after reading it have a writing activity, word study activity, an artistic response activity (visual art, drama, movement, or music) and a learning center activity related to the book. I searched the internet and found nothing without dito sheets made by adults. I wanted activities that I didn’t need to do hand over hand or impose me the adult on a child’s learning. I came up with taking pictures of children using shaving cream and gak to make a book and to teach the colors. Their are nine colors in the book. For the writing component I am thinking using the shaving cream and their pointer finger only and to take pics of it, for a movement activity I am going to have the children pretend to do be an animal then the others imitate, fot the word study have children match pic to pic and find the letter Bb possibly cutting and gluing. This site was great and I love what you sre doing

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