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Tablets, Apps, and Tech for Kids @ Darien Children’s Library

A presentation I gave at Computer in Libraries 2012 and at the New York Library Association’s Youth Services Section Spring conference. Details our iPad pilot project as well as some recent programs supporting technology education.

What Makes a Great Early Learning App  This is a quick and dirty handout adapted from a handout we created for the Early Literacy iPad Kits at Darien Library. It was originally called “What Makes a Great Early Literacy App” but what we found is that supporting early literacy skills was just one of the many benefits of using iPads and apps with children. Thus, the expansion into “Early Learning.” This handout also includes a few favorite apps for ages 2 to 5.

Pinterest Tech BitesPinterest logo

At Darien Library, we have a monthly staff-led training program called Tech Bites. In April 2012, I taught a class on Pinterest. The above link is a PDF of a handout created for library staff. It includes basic info and vocabulary for Pinterest, some interesting usage statistics, and guidelines/best practices for posting images that are copyright-free. There is also a small list of “Pin-spiration”- organizations, companies, and individual who have dynamic and well-organized boards.  Handout is owned by Darien Library and licensed under Creative Commons By-NC-ND terms.


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