Storytime Warriors! Education Module

Education Module

Part One: Brain Research and the 6 Skills

Research on Emergent Literacy video

What Are the 6 Early Literacy Skills?

Review questions:

Can you briefly summarize the 6 Early Literacy Skills?

Why are these skills important for storytimes at the library?

Note: The 6 Skills form a base core of knowledge. When planning your storytimes, you would not incorporate all of the skills or try to communicate more than one or two at a time to your group. In Part Two below, you will learn more detail about each skill and see examples of successful ways to integrate each skill into storytimes for various age groups.

Part Two: Vocabulary and Print Motivation

Vocabulary- info and examples

Vocabulary – with preschoolers

Print Motivation – info and examples

Print Motivation – tips for choosing the right books

Review Questions:

Give an example of how you might highlight Vocabulary in a Toddler Storytime. Give an example of how you might highlight Vocabulary in a Preschool Storytime.

For a Baby or Toddler Storytime, how might you make an aside to the parents/caregivers about Print Motivation?

Part Three: Print Awareness and Narrative Skills

Print Awareness- info and examples

Print Awareness- more tips on choosing books that highlight this skill

Narrative Skills- info and examples

Review Questions:

How might you highlight Print Awareness in a storytime for toddlers? What about a storytime for babies?

What is dialogic reading? Give an example of how you would use dialogic reading to support Narrative Skills in a Preschool Storytime.

Part Four: Letter Knowledge and Phonological Awareness

Letter Knowledge: info and examples

Letter Knowledge: examples of how to integrate into an older Toddler or Preschool Storytime.

Phonological Awareness: Tips on choosing great books to support this skill.

Phonological Awareness: info and great examples to use with toddlers.

Phonological Awareness: examples to use in older Toddler or Preschool Storytimes.

Review Questions:

Give an example of how you would integrate Letter Knowledge into a Toddler Storytime.

How would you make a aside to parents/caregivers about Phonological Awareness in a Baby Storytime?

Part Five: Putting it All Together

Choosing Age Appropriate Books

Program Planning Tips

How to Get the Grown-Ups Involved

What Can I  Say? (from Saroj Ghoting- Tips on how to make asides to parents/caregivers)

Choosing Books & Highlighting each Skill (from Saroj)

A Real, Live Toddler Storytime (from NYPL)


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