Not quite what Walt had imagined

A show of hands, please.  How many librarians/teachers/parents/otherwise responsible grownups who work with young girls are sick of these ladies:

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Look, I grew up in the eighties.  I loved The Little Mermaid.  I sang the songs, I role played at losing my voice for the Prince, I wish desperately for red hair and…….something worthy to be covered by seashells.  Hey, I’m not proud of it, but there it is.  I, and my sense of self-worth, survived.  Although, looking at the barrage of sexualized and unrealistic images thrown at girls from practically the moment they are born, I cannot help but wish that the young women of the next generation have some better, more realistic, role models.

While Dina Goldstein’s photograph series, Fallen Princesses, isn’t quite what I had in mind, it’s certainly thought-provoking and intriguing (in a sad, ooo-that’s-so-wrong kinda way).

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5 thoughts on “Not quite what Walt had imagined

  1. I grew up with these characters as well, but they’re just cartoon characters! It would have never even occurred to me to compare my figure to theirs. However, the things that stuck with me were what they stood for. Belle was a strong, independent young woman who wouldn’t fall for Gaston just because he was good looking. When she realised her dad was in trouble she didn’t hesitate to try and save him. Ariel was not scared to think for herself and wanted to broaden her horizon. The list goes on… And in the end, with or without Disney, almost every little girl wants to be a princess with the frilly dress and charming prince. It’s a phase that usually passes.

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