Calling all children’s librarians…

…school media specialists, educators, and other assorted amazing folk who work to bring creativity, literature, technology, and information alive for children!  If you live in or around the tri-state area (NY/CT/NJ) and are interested in brainstorming about topics like book trailers, eBooks, podcasting, digital storytelling, and social media, then please join us for the

3rd Annual KidLib Camp

an Unconference at Darien Library

August 11, 2010


Perhaps you are wondering, “What the donuts is an unconference?”  Good question, my friend!  An unconference is kind of like an unbirthday!

Actually, no.  It’s not at all like an unbirthday.  But it is a chance for professionals to get together in a somewhat informal environment to talk about topics of interest.  Everyone who signs up to attend the unconference submits discussion topics they’d like to learn more about.  You can also volunteer to lead discussions on subjects of your choice.  Then, on the day of the unconference, we vote on which major discussions we’d like to have, and break up into smaller groups.  Every person is an active participant and has the opportunity to share their experience, skills, and thoughts.

Besides being a day of inspiring discussions, intense brainstorming, and true professional development, it is also a chance to meet other brilliant, creative, and funny children’s librarians!

To find out more and sign up, click here.