Read 111 by 11/11/11

Last year, my coworkers and I participated in our own version of the brilliant Read 100 by 10/10/10 Challenge.  We created a shared iGoogle document to track our titles and each person created their own genre categories and goals.  While not all of us reached the goal, we had a blast sharing great books and comparing titles.

This year, we’re doing it again and upping the ante just a bit!  Our goal is to read 111 books by November 11, 2011.  Participants are encouraged to set their own category goals.  For example, read 10 graphic novels, 10 works of poetry, 12 novels, etc…

To play along, tweet your reads using the hastag #111111reading, join the Facebook group, or join the Goodreads 100+ Books in 2011.  Blog about it, comment below, and spread the word!

My Read 111 by 11/11/11 categories:

  • 11 Middle-Grade Fiction
  • 10 YA
  • 10 Picture Books
  • 10 Chapter Books (aka “Independent Readers” or “Young Readers”)
  • 10 Children’s Non-Fiction
  • 10 EBooks (any genre, cannot be counted in another category)
  • 10 Adult Books (any genre)
  • 10 Recommendations by others
  • 10 ARCs/Galleys (any genre, cannot be counted in another category)
  • 10 Guilty Pleasures
  • 10 Books that I would normally never read
photo courtesy of Flickr user Horia Varlan