Literary Love Matches

Being that it’s Valentine’s Day, and being that I am a huge sap, and owing to the fact that I met my husband “between the stacks,” I find myself contemplating love and literature this unseasonably lovely Monday morning.

Today I was planning on posting a booklist of great Valentine’s Day picture books, but Fuse has already put together a fantastic list.  So, it got me thinking: which fictional characters would make a great love connection?

(A few years ago, this line of thinking led me to organize a somewhat bizarre but rather festive event entitled “Babymouse Hearts Captain Underpants.”   In my warped, over-caffienated mind, I thought it would be fun to imagine an alternate reality in which the intrepid heroine, Babymouse, held a secret (and obviously embarrassing) crush on the famed potty-mouthed caped crusader.  Why?  Because Babymouse, like us all, experiences deep and sometimes contradictory feelings that cannot always be reasoned or explained.)

But, er…. onward!  Today sees me wondering about new (and ever curiouser) pairings.  Below are a few suggested literacy love matches.  Please add your own in the comments.  ;–)

Greg Heffley and Nikki Maxwell

Too obvious?  Well, nevertheless, I think these two self-deprecating kids with a knack for seeing the humor in even the most embarrassing of situations would grow up to make a rather awesome set of parents.

Chester and Max

Perhaps they may be too alike to find compromise, but I like to think their mutual flare for the arts and energetic personalities would combine in to make them a power couple.  I’d like to be invited to a cocktail party at their house, where I’d admire their enviable collection of modern and contemporary art.

Amos McGee and Miss Rumphius

Oh.  Can’t you see it?  Amos in a rocking chair on the porch, sipping lightly on some Earl Grey, the shy penguin at his knee.  Next to him sits Miss Rumphius, working on her crossword and sharing a bag of peanuts with the elephant.  Sigh.

Happy Valentine’s, everyone.



One thought on “Literary Love Matches

  1. Not going to lie, my dream literary match up is Greg Heffley and Georgia Nicholson. Although they might just end up killing each other instead of falling in love.

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