Steal This Rhyme!

Sitting on the (slow, slow, slow) MetroNorth this morning, I came up with a new rhyme for my Preschool Storytime.  Take it, use it, change it up as you see fit!  And enjoy!

Kiera’s Wiggly, Jiggly, Settle-Down Rhyme

Right hand, left hand,

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Roll ’em up,

Shake ’em out,

Tap, tap, tap!  (tap hands on knees)

Blink your eyes,

nod your head,

give your arms a jiggle.

Touch your elbow,

touch your ears,

and shake out all your wiggles!

It’s no Shake Your Sillies Out, but hey, it does the trick.

photo courtesy of Flickr user John-Morgan

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