True Tales from the Children’s Room

Child:  I’m looking for a book that I put on hold.

Librarian: (after checking record and finding no holds)  Do you remember the title or what the book was about?

Child: Yes.  It was Shakespeare’s Sister.

Librarian:  Hmmm…..[type, type, type]…… I don’t see a book with that title.  Was it Shakespeare’s Secret?

Child:  I don’t think so.

Librarian: Shakespeare’s Scribe?

Child Patron:  Maybe……no.

Librarian: Shakespeare’s Stealer?  Shakespeare’s Spy?

Child: No.  It was someone famous.  And their sister.  But maybe not Shakespeare.  

Librarian: [type, type, type]  So, the title had a famous person’s name and that person’s sister?  Like Abraham Lincoln’s sister?

Child Patron:  Yes.  But not Abraham Lincoln.  I don’t think.

Librarian:  Hmmm.  [type, type, type…..type, type, type, type] Do you remember anything else about what the story was about?

Child: No.

Librarian: How about the cover?  Do you remember anything about it?

Child:  It had a bicycle.

Librarian:  Great!  That’s a start….. [type, type, type]……Hmmm…..   Uh….. Anything else you can remember?

Child: I think it had a fence and a girl.  And a bicycle.  And it was a little dark.

Librarian:  [think, think, think……think, think, think, think]

Eureka!  Was it Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess?  The little sister of Sherlock Holmes?

Child Patron:  Yes!

Librarian: Boo Ya!


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