George Costanza

Ladies and gents, kids of all ages……………. I am excited to announce that after a 1 year hiatus, this Library Voice is ready to roar once again.  (grrrr)

Perhaps you might imagine that I have spent this time indulging idle pursuits; sipping mojitos, feet splayed across the reference desk, (mayhap a jaunty hat cocked sideways on my brow), letting the world’s chatter wash over me in an explosion of tweets and twitters, uploads and updates.  But ’tis not so!  

Indeed, I’ve been putting my nose to the grindstone, sharpening my Librarian Tools, reading like a crazed banshee, and finally, debating the finer merits of doing versus writing about doing.   How does one decide to spend one’s precious free time: entirely in the moment;  reading, skipping, stopping to smell the proverbial book jackets?  Or, pausing mid-moment to reflect on these experiences for the world-at-large?  It’s a tug-of-war on my soul, I tell ya!

After much hand wringing, pacing back and forth, hands raking through tortured hair, I decided it simply was not fair to deny the world my penetrating insights into children’s librarianship, literature, and assorted matters of State.  Who am I to say my time is “better” spent waltzing around in a haze of sensory delights?  Being raised by members of the Greatest Generation, I understand the importance of civic duty.  And so here I stand, ready to rejoin the blogosphere- one tiny (library) voice amidst the cacophony of the Internets.  I cannot say I’ve come to any solid conclusion regarding the issue of balancing (sacrificing? compromising?) my real life and my digital one.  Rather, like most problems I confront, I am hoping that trial and error, experience, and a healthy sense of humor about the absurdities of modern existence will see me through.



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