Sign Language Videos for Librarians!

imagineThere are few things that get me super excited enough to “Woo Hoo!” out loud.  (Well, okay, that’s not entirely true.  Puppies, cute kids, ice cream trucks, stylish but comfy shoes, Sour Patch Kids, the My Little Ponies theme song, cool new books, cool old books, getting asked a really interesting reference question or reader’s advisory challenge, the latest evolution of the Swiffer, and vegetarian duck all make me “Woo Hoo.”)  But I also squeal in delight when I have the opportunity to do, share, or learn more American Sign Language.

Via the goodnightmoon listserv, I discovered that the Collaborative Summer Library Program contains a handful of sign language videos.  The instructor, an ASL teacher in Wisconsin, demonstrates classic baby and toddler rhymes such as Tommy Thumbs and If You’e Happy and You Know It. What’s especially nice is that she models the signing in a way that would encourage parents and caregivers in a storytime to follow along.

photo courtesy of Flickr user regeniabrabham


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