Coraline in 3D (a very brief movie review)

This past Friday the 13th I opted not to see Friday the 13th (and I think, wisely) and instead went to see Coraline (in 3D).

475_coraline_090206Being big fans of both Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton, I was prepared to be gobsmacked.  My first surprise came when, over opening credits, I realized that Tim Burton did not, in fact, direct Coraline.  Huh.  (Check out this interview in Ain’t It Cool News with the director, Henry Selick.)

The stop-motion/digital animation is beautiful, eye-popping, and throughly engaging.  Even a foggy gray day is made eye-candy- rendered with the multiple layers and textures for which Selick and his animation team have become famous.  While departing slightly from the original text, the Alice-in-Wonderland-spirit and the darkness of Gaiman’s characters and settings remain.

What I didn’t find necessary were the 3D-effects.  There is one scene at the very beginning showing a needle and thread being worked through a doll.  Other than this, the remaining 3D-effects I found to be distracting to the visual narrative.

I’d say definitely see Coraline– just don’t waste your extra three bucks on the 3D version.


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