Fun and Freebies at ALA Midwinter

lovely book sculpture/tunnel

lovely book sculpture/tunnel

I’m here in Denver at my first ALA conference.  It’s pretty awesome.  I’ve heard tell that all the cool stuff really happens at Annual, and that Midwinter is just meetings and business, but I’m having a blast.

Last night, after journeying from NY to Minneapolis and then on to the Denver International Airport, I finally arrived in Colorado as it began to snow.  As I sat in rush hour traffic, my cabbie Dualli and I talked about the insane housing prices in New York.  He informed me that I could rent a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in a good area for about $700 in Denver.  Sigh.  After wiping the drool from my mouth and the tear from my eyes, I looked up to see we had arrived at my hotel, The Curtis (which is, hands down, the coolest hotel in Denver).

My first stop was to the Cap City Tavern for the YALSA Happy Hour.  Now, it is true, I am not a YALSA member.  Nor am I a Young Adult librarian.  But YALSA is super inclusive and fun and darn it, they throw a mean happy hour.

Next was the YALSA Mixer and Tech Playground at the Hyatt Regency.  The Tech Playground started at 8pm Denver time, which is 10pm New York time, so I was a tad sleepy-eyed.  I did however, hang out long enough to play around with some great Avatar-making sites, hear all about Blogfest, podcasting programs, and awesome audio books.

Today I spent most of my day visiting the exhibits and getting as many free books, galleys, and posters as I could carry.  I found out a few very important things:  1) If you do not want to hear about the latest in medical database technology (and being a children’s librarian, I really don’t) do NOT make eye contact and smile sweetly at the lady with the sequined vest.  2) Publishers have all sorts of hidden treasures not on display.  They can be persuaded to unearth said treasures if you engage them in conversation about their newest offerings and talk about how much you love to blog about and review advance reading copies. 🙂 3) Drink lots of water.  Colorado is seriously dry.

Tonight I’m off to the Random House party.  From the buzz I’ve been overhearing, it’s supposed to be quite the hot ticket.  Time to find my fancy shoes…..

A few items of note:


Somewhat cute but strange hardcover art

I got a look at the new paperback cover of Candyfloss.  I like this way better than the stripey socks from the Hardcover.  Way more reflective of the story and finally showcasing the cute illustrations!

Candyfloss in paperback

Candyfloss in paperback

Proof!  The sequel to The Hunger Games!  Drooool…..

img_00051 And, the latest Just Grace:  img_0010(Yay!)


2 thoughts on “Fun and Freebies at ALA Midwinter

  1. Hey, I was there, too. What a fun day! I flew into Denver Thurs, did some snowshoeing in Breckenridge Friday, signed copies of Samantha Hansen Has Rocks In Her Head Saturday at 11:00, and went to Keystone to ski today.

    I LOVE Denver!

    Nancy Viau

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