You, me, and every book we know…

Well, I tried to title this post “))<>((“, but wordpress is being uncooperative. (Apparently, you cannot haveforever purely punctuation-based blog titles. Whatever.)

But onwards and upwards! I was putzing around on wikipedia (aka, stalking my favorite bands) and stumbled upon this little tidbit:

Becky Stark, lead singer of the awesome, happy alterna-folk rock band Lavender Diamond, wrote the songs for the City of Ember movie and plays the SongMaster in the film.


photo of Becky Stark courtesty of Flickr user sndrspk

But perhaps even cooler: Ms. Stark will also be starring in a film version of a short story from Miranda July‘s most recent book, No Belongs Here More Than You. (Which, incidentally, is definitely not a children’s book. Not even YA. But unbelievably heartbreaking and hilarious. I highly recommend it.)


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