Sky rockets in flight….

A few weeks ago we had a program planning meeting at my library. We started discussing some of our regular programs and a few new ones we hope to offer in our new building. Somehow we wound up brainstorming new names for the baby, toddler, and preschool storytimes. For inspiration, we consulted a few websites to see what other libraries call their storytimes. Popular choices for baby and toddler programs include the practical (“Baby Storytime” or “Toddler Storytime”), the specific (“Baby Laptime”), the cutesy (“Mother Goose Time”), and the alliterative (“Tiny Tales for Tots”).

Preschool storytime titles seem more apt for creativity (for better or worse). We found “Alphabet Tales,” “Stories and Songs,” and just plain ole’ “Read Aloud Time.” But, by far, the best title we came across was for an after-school preschool story program: “Afternoon Delight.”

To be fair, “rubbin’ sticks and stones together” could, you know, constitute a craft or science component. No?


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