Putzin Around with Voicethread

So today we had an awesome tech workshop with library goddess Linda Braun.  We experimented with some cool 2.0 tools like Audacity and Jing.  So many possibilities!

We also played around with VoiceThread, my new favorite toy.  The idea, at least the way I see it, is to foster a sense of community through conversation in which anyone can be a participant.  You can create a slideshow of sorts using photos and/or videos and layer on narration and text.  What’s so cool about VoiceThread is that once you save and make public your creation, other users can view and comment on it.  Comments can be uploaded and displayed as text or voice files.  It’s one of those things you just have to see and experience.

So! I putzed around and created a very simple voicethread using Flickr’s Creative Commons search and some free association.  Here are my results (and please comment, add, suggest, laugh, deride- that’s the whole idea):

my experiment


2 thoughts on “Putzin Around with Voicethread

  1. Hi Kelley- sorry about that! I should have mentioned that you need to register in order to browse, participate in, or create voicethreads. But- the good news is the registration is super easy.

    When that login/password box pops up, on the bottom right there should be a link to Register. It will just ask you for a name (you can make something up) and a valid email.

    Hope that helps!

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