Blog the Vote!

courtesy of Flickr user lakelandlocal

courtesy of Flickr user lakelandlocal

Inspired by so many of my fellow bloggers– especially those in the kidlitosphere- I had to add my (library)voice to the chorus of passionate and responsible citizens urging everyone they know to get up tomorrow and VOTE!

For me, it’s about our future- the future of our planet, our communities, the education our children will (and should) receive, and about how this generation will respond to the crisis we face as a global community.

And yes, it is about change. As tiresome as all the rhetoric has gotten (doesn’t it seem like these campaigns have gone on for a decade?), this election does stand out as a battle for the future of this country.

A colleague and I were talking today about the role of technology in this election and the idea that unprecedented numbers of young, first time, voters may turn out in record numbers. The very idea just gives me the shivers. If snarky Gen Y’ers (and I grudgingly count myself among their numbers) can rouse themselves from their cynical shrouds of indifference and turn up at the polling stations tomorrow, we just might be able to effect some real change.

I will be getting up when it’s still dark out, trudging down to P.S. something-or-other in East Harlem to stand in a long line and cast my ballot before I catch the train to work. And I can’t wait.


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