Roald Dahl Funny Prize!

“You may have heard about the new Roald Dahl Funny Prize (I love that name) for works of children’s literary humor in the UK. ” 

So writes Walter over at The Monkey Speaks.  I had not, in fact, heard about this new award.  What a brilliant idea!  I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.  I am curious as to whether or not the judging panel consulted any children while making their selections for the Shortlist.  Not that I don’t like the list- but children often have a slightly different sense of humor than us big people.  From the comments of the judges, it does look like they did ask of each title: Will children find this funny? 

Now, can we also start up a prize committee for Grossest Book of the Year?  Or (for the emo-tween-girl set) Most Heartbreakingly Sad Book of the Year?  When it comes to attracting young (often reluctant) readers, gross and/or sad can be almost as compelling as funny.  Which leads me to wonder: for which authors would such prizes be named?  The Dav Pilkey Prize for the Best Use of Potty Humor?  The Fred Gipson Ten Tissues Award?  🙂


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