Chattin’ with Jeff Kinney

As part of our Summer Reading Program, kids, teens, and even grownups had the chance to chat online with Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney.  Due to the lovely weather here in NYC, my branch was pretty quiet yesterday, but I had three kids sign into the chat room.  One of the children had just wandered into the library for a few minutes to pick up a hold, but wound up staying for over an hour asking Kinney questions like “How do you unblock yourself?” (referring to writer’s block) and “Do you ever think you’ll write about a girl character?” 

“I sit and sit and sit and sit,” was Kinney’s response to the first question.  With regard to writing about a girl character, Kinney explained that the Diary books are all told from Gregg Heffley’s perspective, but that Gregg does develop a crush on a girl.  [All together now: Oooooooooooo!]

Some other great questions posed by kids included “What is your favorite sandwich?” (Peanut butter and jelly), “What’s your favorite genre of music?” (no genre in particular, but he enjoys Bob Dylan), and “Were you a ‘wimpy kid’ as a child?” (yes!).

The kids had a great time and some of the parents who gathered around the computers to watch the live chat mentioned later that they were impressed by the questions the children posed.  Imagine that- children not only reading, but reading and thinking (dare I say critically) about what they are reading!


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