A Page by any other name?

I started my library career as a Page with at the Bayside Branch of the QueensBorough Public Library.  While I gained a lot of practical public library experience and “Library Page” certainly looked better than “Ice Cream Scooper” on my resume, it was no “Materials Handler Technician.” 

I’m inspired.  Instead of “Children’s Librarian”, perhaps I’ll start calling myself “Diverse and Emerging Literacy Specialist for Youth.”  Hmmm.  Or maybe something more fanciful.  How about “Library Goddess of Ideas, Information, and Imagination”? 

Please! Add your own superfluous titles in the comments!


2 thoughts on “A Page by any other name?

  1. Not exactly superfluous, but my resume currently lists my position as “Library Clerk” because “Office Aide” sounds stupid. The thing to remember about being a Page is that it’s punny. No fancy new title can ever take that away from a former Page.

  2. I love that- I still remember trying to express the punniness to my high school friends- I was a PAGE….in a LIBRARY! Books! Pages! Come on, people! I thought it was hilarious. My friends, eh. Not so much.

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