Reluctant Reader Pick of the Week

Oh, you thought I had forgotten, did you? Fear not, dear readers, though it may be Friday the week is not over. Hence! Here we go!

My reluctant reader pick of the week is one dear to my own heart. Just thinking about the first time I picked up this book brings a tear to my eye. Memories wash over me like a cool breeze. I wrap my arms around myself, close my eyes, and drift off to a land far, far away. A land known as Hoboken, New Jersey.

The Hoboken Chicken Emergency by Daniel Pinkwater is a classic. It’s about a 266-pound chicken, Henrietta, who terrorizes the town of Hoboken. It’s side splittingly funny, the chapters are short, there are in-text illustrations (by Tony Auth), and the sequel is just as good.

I’ve found that fans of Dav Pilkey’s series (Captain Underpants, Super Diaper Baby, Ricky Ricotta) like Pinkwater’s absurd silliness. And parents are impressed by the subtle sophistication of Pinkwater’s writing. It packs in all the laughs without resorting to potty humor (not that I don’t love some good old fashioned potty jokes!).

One of my personal all-time favorites.


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