Reluctant Reader Pick of the Week

This week I decided to go with a non-fiction title.  Often I get parents in who are frustrated with the fact that their child hates to read.  Parents often assume that reading must be confined to fiction.  I’m not sure where this perception got started- but people- reading is reading!  When I have an open-minded parent looking for advice, I usually start out with graphic novels.  When they seem unpersuaded, I go for the supercool non-fic titles.  One of my recent favorites is Venom by Marilyn Singer.

This book is not for the weak-hearted or the squirmish.  Oh, no.  Inside it’s glossy pages you will find close up photos and magazine-style articles on scorpions, jellyfish, cobras, black widow spiders, and giant water bugs. 

Readers can skim through its pages to find a particular creepy-crawly that tickles their fancy.  The text blurbs are short but jam-packed with gross facts.  And what child wouldn’t want to know about the phorid fly.  Oh, don’t you know?  The female injects its eggs into a fire ants’ throat, where the larva hatches, moves through the ants’ body, and breaks through it’s head, killing it.  That’s the kind of page-turning trivia to kick start a lifelong love of reading!


2 thoughts on “Reluctant Reader Pick of the Week

  1. During our summer reading promotion, I really pushed this book with the 3-5 grades. Because of this, I have rarely seen it on the shelf. It is also on the Maine Student Book Awards list.

  2. Great pick! I reviewed this one and loved it as well. Who knew there were so many different types of venomous animals out there? Not I.

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