Midsummer Night’s Swing Series- With Kid Stuff!

I file swing dancing under “things which I do poorly but nevertheless enjoy.”  If you’ve never gone swing dancing (or salsa, samba, tango, or disco dancing) and live in the NYC area, then Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing is one of the best places to start (July 8th through the 26th).  Each night of the series, live bands turn Damrosch Park into an outdoor dance party.  For grownups, the dances start with a lesson at 6:30pm and the live music begins at 7:30pm. 

Saturday mornings are for kids.  This Saturday, July 12th, there will be lessons on ballroom, tango, and swing.  The cost is a mere $5 per person- and children 5 and under are free!  In NYC, you really can’t beat those prices. 

Check out the calendar for details. 

Now, if I could only figure out a way to bring ballroom dance for kids into the library……hmmmmmm.


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