QuickPicks: Human-Animal Friendship Picture Books

Because there is nothing, nothing, wrong with a little anthropomorphism now and again.

My Dinosaur by Mark Alan Weatherby…..A little girl waits until the full moon for her friend, the dinosaur, to take her on an all-night adventure.

Mary and the Mouse, The Mouse and Mary by Beverly Donofrio and Barbara McClintock…..Mary and the Mouse “accidentally on purpose” become secret friends.

My Friend Gorilla by Atsuko Morozumi…..A little boy and an African gorilla share a special bond.

The Magic Rabbit by Annette LeBlanc Cate…..When a magic trick goes wrong, best friends Ray and Bunny get separated in the big city.

Terrific by Jon Agee…..Grumpy old’ Eugene Mudge finds an unlikely friend (and introduces kids to sarcasm).


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