What’s the Deal with all these mice?

I’ve tried to avoid venting on this blog about annoying, strange, inappropriate, or just plain rude patrons.  This latest conversation, however, is just funny (in that funny-bizarre kinda way) and I have to share it. 

A mom, whose 9-year-old daughter is a regular at my branch, came up to the Children’s Information Desk recently and threw down several books on my desk: a few Babymouse volumes and MouseGuard: Fall 1152.  After drawing my undivided attention by slamming said books on my desktop, she looked at me expectantly.  Keep in mind that this is a relatively nice, mild-mannered woman who generally speaks softly and has never had an issue with me or the library in the past. 

“Can I help you?” I ask.

“Yes, I just wanted to point something out to you that I think is a problem.  What’s the deal with all these mice?”


“I mean, not to be a troublemaker or anything, but I really don’t think that it’s appropriate to have so many children’s books with mouse characters.  Mickey Mouse- he’s okay.  That’s one thing.  But all the rest of these mice?  I mean, it’s not right.  Kids will get the wrong idea.  They are flithy, dirty, disease carriers.”


“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen.  A child will see a mouse at home run across the floor and they might go to pick it up or play with it.  Because they think it’s cute.  Because of all this.” [gesturing to the pile of Babymouse books].

“Well,” I began, “Huh.  I’ve never reallly thought of it in those terms before.  That is an interesting point of view.”

“…..”  [Her, waiting for me to light the pyre on which the mouse books will be burned.]

“I suppose it is a good thing there are observant parents, like you, who can explain the difference between the characters like Babymouse and the dangers of real-life rodents.  That’s important.”  [This was said, I swear by the Girl Scouts Honor, with a completely straight face.]

“Thank you.  I appreciate that.  I suppose this is just a phase, like anything else, huh?  What will it be next?  Snakes?  Roaches?  Ha!”

The mouse-hating mom left shortly after, seemingly satisfied with my response.  Although I’m tempted, the next time she comes in, to casually leave lying about Stuart Little or If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.   


6 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with all these mice?

  1. This is a great story in itself, but your rendition makes it a classic! Your website is a really refreshing look at books, patrons and libraries!

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