Colorado Here I Come!

I am leaving the Big City for five blissful days in Pueblo, Colorado.  Actually, to be precise, I’ll be about 40 minutes outside Pueblo proper on a ranch where the nearest house is at least a half mile away.  I’ll be visiting some family and getting some much needed R&R. 

Last time in Pueblo, I had the chance to visit the Robert Hoag Rawlings branch of the Pueblo City-County Public Library.  While their website’s a tad dreary, let me tell you- the library is amazing.  The Rawlings branch features big, clear signage, a puppet theater with circulating puppets, a circular children’s programming room, special gaming chairs for teens, a genealogy center, a community art gallery, and a movie theater spread out over five floors.  I do have pictures somewhere and will try to post them before I leave. 

In any event, depending on the crazy activities my family has planned (such as a trip to Bishops Castle or a hike around the Garden of the Gods) and the likelihood that I can pickup WiFi, I may not be posting until I come back.   

I’m off!


3 thoughts on “Colorado Here I Come!

  1. Hah! I’m about forty minutes from Pueblo. Not sure which direction you’re heading, but if it’s south (or even if it’s not) if you have the opportunity, pop in to Spanish Peaks Library in Walsenburg and I’ll take you across the street and treat you to a cuppa.

    Rawlings is Teh Awesome. I don’t visit as a patron as often as I’d like, but I do go up there for trainings quite a lot.

    Enjoy your visit! This is beautiful country.

  2. That’s okay- I love it there and plan to go back as soon as I can. I’ll be sure to check in at Spanish Peaks next time I’m in town.

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