Saturday Book Trailers!!!

I wish I could/knew how to add automatic audio clips to my posts because “Saturday Book Trailers” would sound something like SNL’s TV Funhouse theme.  Yeah!


Check out these new and not-so-new-but-possibly-new-to-you book trailers:

Gone by Michael Grant (out June 24th)

Gee-aads!  A creepy mix of Lord of the Flies and Children of the Corn.  I’m taking bets now- this one’s ending in cannibalism! 

Greetings From Nowhere by Barbara O’Connor

I really liked How To Steal A Dog, so this is going on my TBR pile.

The Underneath by Katthi Appelt

I’ve been hearing lots of good things about this one and can’t wait for my library to get it.  I may have to take a trip to Barnes and Noble to give it a gander in the meantime.

And finally, another book I’ve been neglecting in my TBR pile:




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