QuickPicks: Guy Reads

As a companion to my Girl Reads list, here are some great books for upper elementary guys:

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins…..Gregor’s boring summer gets a lot more interesting when he and his baby sister fall into an underground world below Manhattan containing giant, talking roaches.

Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney…..Tom is the seventh son of a seventh son, which means he is destined to become a Spook and protect ordinary folk from”ghouls, boggarts, and all manner of wicked beasties.”

Flush by Karl Hiaasen…..After their dad is jailed for sinking a river boat, Noah and his sister must prove that the casino owner is dumping toxic waste into the protected waters of the Florida Keys.

The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer…..In a future where clones are treated like slaves and humans reign supreme, Matt is given special status and introduced to the most powerful man in the country; the corrupt leader of a drug empire, El Patron.

Getting Air by Dan Gutman…..Like Hatchet- but with skateboards!  After foiling a terrorist attack on their airplane and crash-landing, Jimmy, his younger sister, and his friends must find a way to survive in the wilderness. 

Out of Patience by Brian Meehl…..12-year-old Jake Waters cannot wait to get out of his boring little town of Patience until the arrival of the cursed Plunger of Destiny.

Midnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo…..Charlie discovers that he can hear people talking in photographs.

Only You Can Save Mankind by Terrry Pratchett…..Johnny plays a computer game called Only You Can Save Mankind and becomes increasingly drawn into the warped world of the alien ScreeWee.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan…..After learning that he is the son of a mortal woman and a Greek god, 12-year-old Percy is sent to a summer camp for demigods like himself. 


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