QuickPicks: My All-Time Favorite Read Aloud Picture Books

In no particular order, here are a handful of surefire storytime favorites that have never let me down:

 Double Trouble in Walla Walla by David Clements…..Everything is fine in Walla Walla until Lulu opens up a topsy-turvy word warp!  Practice the silly word duos and reading upside down, and you’ll have your audience in stitches.

The Squeaky Door by Margaret Read MacDonald…..When a little boy is frightened by a squeaky door, his grandmother tucks in the cat, the dog, the pig, the horse, to keep him company.  [Shout out to Frank, whose oral version of this tale has inspired me to use it ever since.]

Henny Penny by Jane Wattenberg…..Vibrant photograph collages and great use of repetition make this smart update on the classic folktale a personal favorite. 

Stinky Smelly Feet:A Love Story by Margie Palatini…..Can true love overcome even the stinkiest of feet?

I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont…..With rhyming text made for singing along, a little girl can’t resist painting everywhere she shouldn’t.

What are your favorite read alouds? 


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