A New Blog, A Fresh Start

Hello, readers.  Some of you might be saying, Hey!  Where’s the Manic Librarian?  Fear not.  For the Manic Librarian (or, “Manicbrarian” as I came to call her) shall live on- in the hearts and minds of those who cared for and remember her striking and brilliant blog entries.  But alas, these times they are a-changing and so I’ve decided to resurrect my blog with some new and improved features.  Namely, a new name.  When thinking up clever new names for the blog, I kept being interrupted by adorable but loud little patrons yelling things like “Die! Die! Die!” at their computer screens.  It is at times like this that I stand behind them with a this-is-your-first-warning-look, and remind them to use their “library voices.” 

Being in a branch in which the acoustics rival that of a steel drum, I find myself using the “library voices” line quite a bit.  I find it more personal and less stereotypical than the old “Shhhhhhhh!”  But in the course of my daily crusade to get children to modulate their voices to a more library-friendly pitch, I found myself thinking about what it means to have a library voice- or the lack of one.  I think the most important challenge facing libraries and librarians these days has less to do with external administrative changes than with the passive “library voice.”  So, this here blog is one voice, added to the great chorus of smart, brave, and extremely underpaid librarians who are breaking down stereotypes and driving the push for better libraries in the 21st century. 




One thought on “A New Blog, A Fresh Start

  1. Hi Kiera! It’s nice to see you in the blogosphere, and your blog is looking great. 🙂 Congratulations on your MLS! I’ll look forward to tuning in for future posts…

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